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Cloud-based Book Writing & Illustration
About FabBook Studio

FabBook Studio is an innovative, cloud-based software program that gives users the ability to write and illustrate their own books. Geared toward children with its user-friendly icons and web design, FabBook Studio gives every child the chance to become a published author.


FabBook Studio is designed to look and perform like an actual book with side by side pages and a page flipping feature. It utilizes a text editor and a free hand drawing tool that allows users to type and draw directly into the book template. All text is created in text boxes and text and images can be rotated, sized, copied and pasted, and dragged and dropped to different locations on the page to create individual layouts.

Text features: Type, edit, spellcheck, change font type and size as well as color of text, underline, bold, and more…

A variety of illustration options are available with FabBook Studio. Users can choose to draw their own artwork, upload personal photos to their projects, or utilize the free library of images that is provided with the program. Original artwork can be saved for use on other pages or other works.

Drawing features: Choose brushes and pencil strokes for creating realistic drawings; select colors and fills; scale, flip, mirror and rotate images; erase, undo and redo; copy and paste; and more…


Digital copies of a book are available at all times in a user’s library once a book has been created and saved. A low-resolution PDF copy can be printed on a traditional home printer, or children can see their books come to life in a professionally printed, hardcover or softcover book. The print output is custom built to integrate with a prearranged commercial printing service to ensure a quality product. Books can be printed one at a time or in volume.

System Requirements:

FabBook Studio is best utilized on a laptop or desktop computer to allow for a bigger screen size when writing and illustrating books. Special equipment is not required. Users do not have to download any program onto their computer as this program is cloud-based.