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Enterprise Web Platform
Varidigm engineered Varidigm Enterprise Web Engine (VEWE) to streamline the site building process by
significantly reducing development work to deliver you the custom website you need.

VEWE offers all the advantages of a custom built web solution, an online templated website builder, and more

• Support unlimited web applications that can be maintained as completely separate entitiesor as a fully
integrated system
• Perform system-wide maintenance, upgrades and expansion with no down time
• Powerful framework provides easy scalability

Present your product to the global market:

Custom CMS
Easily manage the content and products on your website via a custom Content Management Portal:

• Global publishing or removal of any image, product or meta-data in real-time
• Dynamic modification of page features including banners, ads, descriptions, pricing
• eBay scraping and managing of content [DETAILS TO BE INCLUDED IN SPECIFICATION]

And we'll handle the initial set up of products with options.

VEWE will capture a variety of statistical data including:
• Referring sites (where the customer came from)
• Internal page usage
• Sales transactions (no credit card information is stored)
• Detect device type and browser

We'll set up customized templates to generate reports in real time containing any captured information that can
be viewed in the portal or exported as .csv files.

Captured Information can be referenced for use in creating and implementing marketing and sales campaigns.
WE includes Organic SEO, which automatically extracts information from the database and page content to
maximize visibility for search engines. You can also manually apply key SEO textual content to products.

Shopping Cart
VEWE includes a proprietary Shopping Cart which we will integrate with your credit card processor.
VEWE lets you easily apply and track a multitude of discounts, which may be applied contemporaneously:

• “Percent Off”
• “Dollars Off”
• “Buy One Get One”
• “Digital Gift Cards”
• Coupon codes, etc.

Fulfillment Portal
VEWE includes a proprietary Fulfillment Portal that enables you to manage orders and to confirm shipments both
internally and automatically via email to your customers.